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Art Technique

Children gain confidence as they build skills in using art materials with encouraging video lessons that capture the attention of young audiences and prepare them to create works of art throughout the course.

Art History

Children engage with artworks of the great masters and hear their stories come to life in a beautiful flip book presentation, read by an adult. Stories inspire and help children make connections with people, times, and places of the past. 

Elements and Ideas

Children apply their newly gained knowledge of the language of art to create unique artworks that express their own ideas, interests, and experiences through drawing, painting, printmaking, fiber arts and sculpture media.

All the Tools You Need to Give Your Child a Great Art Education at Home

Artistic Pursuits is designed to be a complete fine arts program. We interweave all the components of a great art education into segments that are easily understandable by your child. And it's easy for you. Simply read a short text and discuss the artworks, using our questions and prompts, with your child. We've got you covered when it comes to handling the art materials. You and your child watch a short video, giving your child all the knowledge they need to move ahead and make art with confidence!

Need Art Materials? We Provide That Too!

We choose great products that work wonderfully in the hands of your child. Find an art kit for every course. Currently our art kits are here ART SUPPLY KITS Simply match the title of the course to the book title on our K-Elementary page and you'll have what you need. 

Are You Ready to Give Your Child a Great Art Education?

"Let ARTistic Pursuits do the teaching and you just read the lessons and join in the fun!" - Kellyann Walker / South Carolina


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